Preparing Girls for Achievement and Leadership

Girlz N Tune is an ongoing mentorship program for teenage girls ages 13-18. Our curriculum consist of character building with activities to promote positive self-esteem while developing important life skills such as: Etiquette, Building Self-Esteem, Confidence, Nutrition and Health, Career Development, Financial literacy, Community Service and Preparation for entering post-secondary education.

Our group workshops, community outreach, and volunteerism are designed to educate, equip, and inspire young girls to become successful women.

"Little girls with dreams become women with visions"

The Mentoring Movement

What Is Mentoring?

  1. Mentoring extends the lens of hope because mentors allows girls to see their possibilities.

  2. Mentoring fills in the gaps because mentors remind girls that they are not alone and provides needed answers girls may not have had before.

  3. Mentoring provides access to a bigger world because mentors give girls exposure they may not otherwise get and in some instances did not know they needed.

  4. Mentoring increases academic interest and performance because mentors encourage educational excellence.

  5. Mentoring builds confidence and self-esteem because mentors show unconditional love, support and care.

  6. Mentoring reinforces an individual’s responsibility to give back because mentors teach the significance of reinvesting just by showing up consistently.

Girlz N Tune Inc. will partner with existing mentoring organizations to provide group mentoring to our participants. Group mentoring is important because it encourages sharing and exchange of thoughts, feelings and ideas in a safe environment.

Program Goals

Increase girls’ sense of self-worth

Help girls develop and define their short and long-term goals

Provide enrichment workshops with positive support and encouragement

Help girls become self-sufficient, motivated adults

our Community Partners

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